Complaints raised against school fees in Abyei

Acting director general in education department Ms. Nyankiir Chol Piok speaking during an interview with Rose Monytoch Dau | Photo credit: Rose Monytoch Dau | AIRS 2023

Some parents are complaining about SSP 1000 school fees imposed on learners in Abyei Administrative Area. The incident occurred on Monday this week at Mul Mul’s primary in Abyei municipality.

Adut Chan a mother of two children told Abyei FM on Wednesday 22nd March 2022. She said her son and daughter were chased out of school for payment delay and returned to school the next day.

However, the school administration denied the report. Mr. Ring Deng, the headteacher said the fee was decided by the parents and teachers’ association (PTA) to build additional classrooms and buy cooking firewood.

The acting director general in education department assures free education and says that it shouldn’t prevent community contribution.

Ms. Nyankiir Chol Piok stressed that no learner should be deprived of access to school for the lack of a uniform or money/fee.

Mul Mul primary school accommodates 2600 pupils and has six concrete buildings and five rooms built of local materials.

Early this year, the government of South Sudan and its partners avail 1 billion South Sudanese Pounds to support free education as stipulated in the constitution.

The national ministry of General Education and Instruction instructed schools in the ten states and three administrative areas not to collect fees from learners or block them from learning.

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