Agok ECS calls for pupils’ enrollment

Agok ECS primary school in Agok Rumamer County. | Photo credit: Rose Monytoch Dau | AIRS 2023

The administration of Agok ECS primary school in Agok Rumamer County in Abyei Administrative Area has called on parents to enroll their children.

The school reopened on 20th February 2023 for the first time in more than a year since the communal conflict started between Ngok Dinka and Twic communities in Agok on Feb 10th 2022.

The school’s headteacher told Abyei FM on Tuesday 28th March 2023. Mr. Joseph Mawien said the school reopened with a total of 54 pupils including 24 female pupils and four volunteer teachers.

He says there are many children in the town and surrounding villages still out of classrooms.

The headteacher said they are lacking textbooks, exercise books, and chalks. He assures people of stability in Agok saying that nothing can’t prevent the return of the people who fled the area.

This is the first formal learning institution to reopen in Agok since the conflict between Ngok and Twic on the land border began last year.

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