ECS finishes building a secondary school in Agok

A newly-constructed secondary school in Agok, Rumamer county of Abyei Administrative Area. | Photo credit: Apuol Ngor Agok | AIRS 2023

The Episcopal Church of Sudan in the Abyei Administrative Area has finished construction of a secondary school in Agok town, Rumamer county. The Archbishop of the Episcopal Church spoke to Abyei FM on Tuesday 18th April 2023.

Bishop Michael Deng Kutpiny said the school construction began last year with support from the British humanitarian aid agency and was delayed due to fighting in Agok.

The school building is composed of four classrooms. Bishop Deng said that the construction of the school library building has started, too.

ECS’s highest clergyman in the region said that the school will open its doors to learners in 2024.

Agok ECS primary school is the only learning facility functioning in Agok town since the conflict between Ngok and Twic erupted in February last year.

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