Two books on Abyei’s customary law and family migration launch in Juba

A banner with a portrait of Justice Deng Biong Mijak | Credit: Karbino Dut.

Two books on Abyei’s customary law and family migration were launched in Juba on Wednesday 24th May 2023 at Abyei Community at a rare occasion of its kind.

The launch of the writing works was moderated by a prominent journalist, Gabriel Joseph Shadar under the auspicious of the “Come Let’s Read Initiative” which promotes the culture of reading and intellectual engagement in Juba.

The books “The Abyei Area: Its Traditional Systems of Justice and Peace” and “Brief History of The Ngok Dinka People of Abyei: Pajook Clan Family Tree” were authored by Justice Deng Biong Mijak.

According to Mijak, the works were motivated by the need to strengthen the Ngok Dinka traditional and customary court system, dig into the history of Ngok for the generations born in exile because of wars, and compare studies of other customary laws of the neighboring communities in Sudan and South Sudan and their roles to enrich enactment of laws in the country.

The books were discussed by a panel of experts in law, culture, and Academia, Dr. John Gai author and manager of a think tank, and Mr. Lawrence Korbandy lawyer, writer/poet, and the owner of “Korbandy Salon” which embarks on cultural and intellectual discussions in Juba.

Among the guests was Mr. Louis Anei Madut Kuendit, an anthropologist, historian and writer who said that Ngok/Abyei has become a topic of discussion in South Sudan and abroad and that reading these two books is a must.

The occasion was attended by an International Organization for Migration (IOM) representative that supported the author, former Chief Administrator, MPs from Abyei, journalists, and a huge gathering of students and intellectuals.

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