National government releases Ngok-Twic politicians in connection with Aniet/Agok conflict

Hon. Mayot Kunit Miyen, Head of Administration of Physical Infrastructure and Public Utilities. | Photo source: Facebook.

The government of the Abyei Administrative Area confirmed the release of its constitutional postholders who were detained in relation to the Ngok and Twic conflict.

The Area’s government spokesperson said that their coordination office in Juba received a notification letter on Thursday last week.

Those released are Hon. Mayot Kunit Miyen head of physical infrastructure and public utilities, Hon. Akuei Akoon Wel and Hon. Chol Pur Chol commissioners of Alal and Rumamer counties respectively from Abyei Administrative Area and Hon. Eng. Deng Tong Goch former commissioner of Twic county, Warrap State. 

One of the former detainees confirmed their release to Abyei FM from Juba on a phone on Monday 29th May 2023.

Hon. Mayot Kunit Miyen said they met Vice President for the Service Sluster H.E Hussein Abdelbagi Akol in his office in Juba on Thursday last week.

He said the vice president assured them of their freedom and promised to provide return tickets to the areas from which they were taken to Juba.

On May 16th, 2022, security organs in Juba detained four politicians and eleven military officers from Abyei Administrative Area and Warrap State in connection to a violent intercommunal conflict between Ngok and Twic.   

However, last month an ad hoc committee from the Council of States released a report on the conflict between Ngok and Twic stating where the border stands and recommending the release of detained politicians and military officers or producing them before the court of law.