National NGO pushes to achieve community participation in education in Abyei

Bol Akuei Deng, ACAD Education Mobilizer.

Abyei Community Action for Development (ACAD) a national humanitarian organization that works in many fields including education is pushing for a community role in the education process.

The topic was discussed on Umbrella Program on Wednesday 24th May 2023 which brought together ACAD’s two community mobilizers, school administrators, and members of the Parents and Teachers’Associations, (PTAs) of Mijak primary and Abyei complex secondary schools.

Mr. Bol Akuei Deng and Jupur Bol Jupur from ACAD said that the community can bridge the gap between the government’s responsibilities and schools’ needs for good education.

However, Mary Adut Nyok calls on the community to join hands in support of education.

Members of the PTAs said that the community has left the education needs to the government and NGOs. As a result, Malual Kon Adichol said he resigned for their roles were not respected.

In the past, communities built schools, and teachers’ accommodations, provided meals and furthermore paid incentives to teachers.

Some people believe that communities have become poorer due to years of floods and conflict which limited their ability for initiatives.