Transforming traditional buildings into concrete ones

A photo of a concrete under construction. Shutterstock photo

Young people in Abyei Administrative Area are discussing ways to transform traditional buildings into concrete ones to change the face of the town.

Ms. Abuk Deng Duper built her house with local materials and Mr. Anyiel Ador constructed his home using building materials for making concrete houses. They were both interviewed by Abyei FM and the interview was broadcast on the Umbrella program on Wednesday 31st May 2023.

Abuk said the building cost her nearly one million South Sudanese Pounds and could last for seven years adding that with proper planning she could construct a beautiful concrete building with good shape that would last longer.

Mr. Ador says he learned in 2014 from the simple and cost-effective way people build their houses in Juba.

“I decided to do so in Abyei by building two rooms with bamboo, bricks, cement, and iron sheets. It cost $2500 and looked good. I think my house can stay for 15-20 years,” he explained.

Ador encouraged people, especially those employed by NGOs, to build permanent or semi-permanent houses.

Callers on Abyei FM appreciated Ador and others who built their houses using long lasting materials.

They asked development partners to help and urged the government and community to organize land for smooth urbanization.