Chief Administrator urges support for his new government

Dr. Chol Deng Alak, Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area seated center, Deputy Chief Administrator Hon. Noon Deng Nyok on his right and Speaker of Abyei Legislative Council Hon. Makuei Angok on his left. Standing behind them are some cabinet members. | Makuac Deng Ayei | AIRS 2023

The Chief Administrator is urging the community for support to the cabinet he appointed last week.
Hon. Dr. Chol Deng Alak made the statement on Friday 2nd June 2023. He said that his new government was received by some people with criticism for most of them are youth.

Dr. Alak reiterated that the change being echoed by the community must come by changing the old faces with youth and women. He urged the community to stand behind the government although there are enormous challenges.

The new cabinet approved on Friday brought youth and two females into cabinet positions for the first time in Abyei’s history.