Traders lose more than 700m South Sudanese Pounds in Amiet market inferno.

Fuel section of Amiet market which caught fire on Sept 24, 2023 pictured burning. | Photo credit: Chol Ayiik Chol | AIRS 2023

The investigation committee on the Amiet market blaze counted the loss at 743,000,000 South Sudanese Pounds.

The fire began in a fuel section of the market, spread to many shops, and before reducing them to ashes on Thursday 21st September 2023.

The report was revealed after the chamber of commerce steering committee visited the market on Saturday 23rd September 2023.

Traders sub-committee in the market said that 58 shops, 22 houses, and 1,473 barrels of fuel were destroyed by the fire. It’s also reported that a businessman was hurt with minor burns.

The chairperson of the steering Mr. Kur Guor expressed his sorrow for the losses and sympathized with businesspeople while blaming the fire outbreak on negligence.

Amiet market witnessed many blazes since its inception including five incidents in a week in 2021.